Welcome to Te One School!  

This is where the journey begins........

Ko te Aho Tapu is the common thread that binds us all:

Mahi Tahi | Kopitanga

He aha ngā aka i here ai ki te whānau kātoa?

Recognising the unique Chatham Islands identity whilst holding peaceful respect for our diversity. The commonality being that we are all Chatham/Pitt Islanders makes us strong as we support one another to thrive.

Ākonga are proud of their identity as Chatham/Pitt Islanders, working together and accepting differences, holding respect for diverse views and working in peaceful cooperation and

reciprocity with the land, the sea and the people.

Hokopapa | Whakapapa | Identity and Belonging

A layering of generations. It is all of the stories, events and people that connect us down through time and in the present day. It is a shared legacy that connects us.

Ākonga are strong and connected to their whakapapa |hokopapa and have a proud sense of identity, held and supported by nurturing relationships.

"I know who I am, I know where I come from, I know I belong, I am proud, I know I can achieve, and I know I am supported to thrive.

Kaitiakitanga | T'chiekitanga | Reciprocity

Ākonga value working with nature and in cooperation with the elements of Te Taiao | The environment.

Ākonga seek to nurture themselves, one another, and the world around them, and work in reciprocity to enhance the mana of all natural elements: te wai, ngāhere, moana, whenua, tānagata.

Ākonga experience, connect with, and learn about mauri that is inherent within taonga, and understand how to nurture, protect, and care for these taonga, so they can be enjoyed for future generations

Hakapiritanga | Manawaroa | Ingenuity

Casting eyes back through time, we understand inherently that our karapuna | tūpuna were resilient, adaptable and

 ingenious in creating, sustaining and nurturing life on the Chatham Islands | Rēkohu | Wharekauri. A steadfast - yet flexible - approach amongst changing conditions is a tenacity we see in our tamariki and continuously nurture.

Ākonga use inherent ingenuity and creativity to find workable, positive solutions - ahakoa i hea i te ao - no matter where they are in the world. Ākonga draw on the tenacity, endurance and resilience of their ancestors to succeed where ever they go in life.

Toka Te Moana!

Mana Atua | Taha Ngākau | Wellbeing 

Open to Learning |

Kia Mataara | Mana Kura

Resilience | Manawaroa | 

Respect |  Whakamana |